Monday, January 6, 2014

Caprese Appetizers

I made a bunch of these for a friend's party the other night. They were very easy to make (I actually prepped and assembled everything on-site) and people really enjoyed them. This recipe makes about 16-20 servings.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: none

Two (2) fresh mozzarella balls -- about 16 ounces
4 - 5 plump tomatoes -- use standard Globe or slicing tomatoes
Two (2) tablespoons of basil oil -- If you don't have basil oil, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with basil flakes and let sit overnight
16 - 20 crostini slices -- You can slice your own baguette, oil, and bake it, or purchase crostinis at your grocery store

Using a serrated knife, thinly slice mozzarella and tomatoes to match the size of your crostini slices.

Assemble tomato and mozzarella atop the crostini.
Drizzle with the basil oil.

Serve while mozzarella is still relatively cool.