Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Creamy Potato and Kale Soup

This semester has been incredibly busy for me. One full-time job, one part-time job, and finishing my degree. Cooking (and even more so, blogging) food has, unfortunately, been low on my priority list. I have been eating old favorites, quick meals, and going out to eat more than I would prefer. So, last night, I had two hours between jobs and decided to toss together this soup to eat when I finished my second shift. It was the greatest idea. I have made & blogged a lot of soups before, but I will say, not-so-humbly, that this is the more delicious one yet. This recipe makes many servings, which is great because it heats up so well. Enjoy!

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 4+ hours

At least four (4) cups of stock -- I used three cups of Better Than Buillon's Roasted Garlic stock and one cup of vegetable stock
Four cups of fresh kale
3/4 pound of red potatoes
One (1) red onion
Two (2) tablespoons of olive oil
Eight (8) ounces of cream cheese -- if you used vegan cream cheese, this would be a completely vegan recipe!

Salt and pepper to taste

Dice your potatoes and onion into bite-sized pieces and toss into a large slow cooker.
In a large saute pan, heat the oil and toss in the kale. Cook for 5 minutes, tossing throughout. The kale should be slightly fried.
Toss the kale into the slow cooker.
Pour all of the stock on top of the vegetables and stir slowly to settle everything.
Turn on slow cooker's heat to high and cook for four hours.
Add the cream cheese and stir into the soup until completely combined.
Continue to cook on low for 30 minutes.
Enjoy a bowl now, enjoy a second bowl because the first was so good, and store the rest in your fridge until ready to reheat and enjoy again.