Sunday, May 20, 2012

Updates & a mush-stache

Thanks for sticking with me! I'm five months and 21 posts into this blog so far. I'm pretty pumped about the upcoming warm weather and what that means for my cooking. I'm actually planning to post a delicious summer-y recipe today (I hope you enjoy it!). Continue to feel free to leave me suggestions, comments, and questions on the blog. You can also find me on Twitter and on my About page.

I take portobello mushrooms very seriously.

Something new that I am going to start incorporating into my posts is a drink that would pair well with the recipe (this will probably be either beer, wine, or cocktails, but may also be non-alcoholic). Keep an eye out for this!

Remember, I am always open to having a guest blogger, so if you have an awesome recipe that you're dying to share, send me a note and I'd be more happy to hand over my platform for you!

Thanks again for following along and happy cooking!

Ann Marie